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Science and Technology always plays a vital and crucial role in changing the lives of the people. When it comes to quality eye-care in the field of Ophthalmology, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals has always been the pioneer. One such boon to enhance the vision of users is the inception of TrueView, India’s first digitized optical dispensing system, in association with Hoya Lenses (P) Ltd, world’s No-2 Optical lens manufacturing company.

What is TrueView?

TrueView is a sophisticated system, which is a perfect blend of eye-measuring and optical dispensing technology. This system employs the iD FreeForm Design Technology™ (Integrated Double Surface Design), based on which the lenses are made for the user, according to his/her specifications. Some of the salient features of TrueView are,

  •     Fully customized lenses, according to individual prescription.
  •     Lenses are accurate and precise.
  •     Real-time 2D/3D demonstration medium.
  •     Natural progression of power and visual zone.
  •     Stable image perception in all circumstances.
  •     Widest distortion free visual zone.

Why TrueView?

In today's scenario, people lead an active and dynamic lifestyle, where technology has become an inseparable part of it. Every new day brings new technology in the world and enthuse the lives of the people, in very many ways. Therefore, it is highly necessary that the product the user buys, shall create value addition and offers satisfaction.
To satiate this, TrueView comes as an ideal optical dispensing medium, wherein all the features and benefits of the so-called, sophisticated lenses can be visually explained to the user, who can easily perceive and understand.Lenses recommended through TrueView are unique and specialized for individual users. Therefore, they offer effortless, smooth and natural transition between different distances, especially when switching between far and near distance, and hence create natural viewing.

What is iD FreeForm Design Technology?

Patented by Hoya Corporation, Japan, this industry-leading polishing and production technique ensures ultimate optical purity for lenses. This is in contrast with conventional methods, which cut the lens only in two fixed directions. The minor flaws that often result are visible at various distances, constantly forcing your eyes to correct these blurs.  An iD FreeForm design is based on an entirely different point of departure. All your personal information is ‘translated’ into your glasses, right down to the smallest details. Not only the way you see, but also the way you experience life will take a new dimension.